PROGRAM 1: Soft Landing of Knowledge and Innovation

We support technology-based micro, small and medium-sized companies to grow, conquer new markets, access global human talent and raise capital in developed markets. To do this, we want to form an alliance with your startup, representing it outside its parent company under the figure of Key Account Manager. We will achieve our value proposition through the hands-on development of alliances and strategic projects for the diversification and expansion of our client.

We break down our work with your startup into two phases:

Stage I Discovery ? This first three-month stage allows our client to get to know our network of local and international partners that are the basis for implementing our value proposition. We enable two virtual work sessions per month, for which we charge a monthly fee. In addition, at this stage we offer Innovation Tours and Certified Bootcamps for our clients.

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Stage II Immersion ? Once the added value of our network of allies has been evidenced, in this second stage we form a series of alliances and strategic projects with our client to carry out the implementation of the three objectives set out in our value proposal: Generate new business, Create Knowledge and Capitalization. At this stage we accompany our client to achieve the desired results. Our remuneration is based on results, product of our networking.

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