Immersion Program

Generation of new business

Generate new business with strategic growth based on research and development

Specialized human talent

Create knowledge with specialized human talent of high added value

Grants and Capital for knowledge

Capitalization with vision

Program 1: Generation of new businesses

The expansion of our client by venturing outside its parent company represents a strategic opportunity to the extent that the resources, talent and capital to which CIHubs provides access through its allies generate new lines of business in new markets. to achieve diversified growth based on world-class research and development capabilities.

Program 1.1

We connect our client with our allies at a local and international level who may be clients, high-value suppliers and investors for new businesses to enter.

  • New clients to increase income.
  • New suppliers to increase quality and innovation.
  • New investors to grow.
  • We nurture venture capital and financing funds, training and R&D centers, entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium-sized companies? selected both locally and internationally.

Program 1.2

We support our client's technological surveillance and prospecting processes to identify new products, businesses and markets to enter, through thematic networks and content circuits with our allies.

  • General and specialized thematic networks.
  • Events. 
  • The importance of correct first level allies for permanent technological prospecting. 
  • The consolidation of Knowledge Data Bases to innovate. 
  • Local and international knowledge networks. 
  • Memberships.

Program 1.3

We promote scientific research and the incubation of new companies that are carried out at the local level to enhance our client's strategic objectives that allow it to grow, through the link between generators and users of knowledge, the development and registration of patents, and the use from our network of experts.

  • Variety of areas of expertise from our network of experts and mentors.
  • Research projects at the local level.
  • Alliances with companies for local incubation.
  • Linkages of the company and academia at the local level.
  • Patent the intellectual property where it is generated.
  • Develop projects with patented intellectual property.
  • Form startup cooperatives
  • CIHubs enables your startup to radically impact the ability to execute innovation outside of your parent company.

Program 2: Formation of teams of specialized human talent

We focus on creating knowledge with specialized and certified human talent that allows our client to add value to their products in the various markets and businesses to enter.

Program 2.1

We connect the startup / SME with certified professionals, students, researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs and experts from our alliances at a local and international level.

  • Access to global human talent? attraction of international human talent through incentives.
  • Certify professionals.
  • Promote research projects.
  • Access to certified bootcamps.
  • Access to a network of students interested in changing careers or starting from scratch to recruit digitally.
  • Do we nurture the right human talent for the company? both local and international.

Program 2.2

We form work teams of high academic level to develop joint innovation projects of strategic interest for our client.

  • Joint innovation projects to be formed.
  • Increase the critical mass of Masters and PhDs who patent research to apply in joint innovation projects (graduate locally, attract from abroad, train to patent).
  • Training of PhDs in ICTs.
  • Go from Research to Development.
  • Protect intellectual property with patents.
  • We identify work teams early with the right mix of vision, skills and perspectives to move the needle for the company.

Program 2.3

We plan the growth in the demand for human talent by our client through the implementation of digital files of current and future human resource profiles to be required to operate, investigate and grow.

  • Human resource profiles.

Program 3: Procurement of grants and capital for growth

We connect the startup/SME with our international allies that provide fresh capital to high-tech companies with a visionary strategic direction and with the human talent necessary for their international growth.

Program 3.1

We facilitate access to non-reimbursable grant-type funds for research projects and business diversification with our allied international investment funds.

  • Capital funds to which we provide access.
  • Financing for academic research in prestigious universities.
  • Grants vs. Seed Capital vs. Venture Capital vs. Financing to grow.

Program 3.2

We work with our clients to allow them to interact successfully with our allies who are key players for their international growth.

  • Global expansion workshops.
  • Personalized training.
  • Custom business missions.
  • Preparation of the ?Pitch? for different agents? investors, clients and allies. We define the strategy to choose to internationalize. Companies will be able to have presentations with potential investors, possible partners and other entities interested in adding value to the company.
  • Find the key players – such as local companies that can help accelerate the growth process of startups in the United States and other countries.
  • networking? Meetings with key professionals within the industry, investors and other startups.
  • Do we disclose the added value? its human team, its technological novelty.
  • We leverage public capital programs and incentives.
  • We introduce success multipliers for the long term.

Program 3.3

We function as a Marketplace of ideas for startups/SMEs by hosting innovation projects and new businesses subject to being capitalized by our allied investment funds.

  • We host ideas.
  • Lodging program – entry and exit requirements, length of stay.