Free trade zone, Science and Technology Parks

Virtuous Circles of Innovation

High-tech hubs

Environments of Interaction and Cooperation

PROGRAM 2: Free Zones, Science and Technology Parks

A science and technology park is an organization managed by specialized professionals whose objective is to increase the wealth of the community, promoting a culture of innovation and the competitiveness of knowledge-generating companies and institutions installed in the park or associated with it. 

The strengthening of free zones so that they operate as Science and Technology Parks involves implementing five key operating functions in free zones; that the park:

  • Operate as a virtuous circle of innovation, where knowledge becomes a business that generates wealth, and that wealth is reinvested in knowledge;
  • Delineate knowledge-intensive high-tech hubs;
  • Create an environment of interaction and cooperation;
  • Foster a culture of innovation; and
  • Serve as a model of local development for the generation of wealth in your community.

The program to achieve these five key operating functions in free zones diagnoses and implements the following seven components that must exist in science and technology parks:

  • Added value services
  • Strategic Anchors
  • Sector orientation
  • Design
  • Learning and Knowledge Flow
  • The science and technology based value chain, and
  • Quality of life facilities


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