Let's turn Costa Rica into a great Science and Technology Park

Let's imagine that in Costa Rica we are able to stimulate the link and manage the flow of knowledge and technology between universities, research institutions, companies and markets; and that we can also promote the creation and growth of innovative companies through incubation and centrifugal generation mechanisms.


Challenges for Costa Rica of our new normal

We live in times that three months ago we could not imagine. We are having to redefine our lifestyles, rethink our jobs, restructure our businesses, and rethink our future as people and as a country. The challenges posed by COVID-19, global geopolitics and Costa Rica's competitiveness are enormous, and we must be absolutely clear about where we stand and where we want to go.


COSTA RICA ? Creation of the Costa Rican Space Agency (AEC)


We cannot talk about the creation of the Costa Rican Space Agency (AEC), without first referring to Dr. Franklin Chan Díaz, a "true pioneer of paradigms", the Costa Rican astronaut who has raised the name of the country very high, and who has become a clear benchmark in the world aerospace race having completed seven space missions and a total of sixteen hundred hours in space. Without a doubt, this has served as motivation for many other Costa Ricans and Latin Americans to try to follow in his footsteps.