Scientific and Technological Cities

Digital File of Human Talent

Research and Development work by knowledge sector

Inspire children and youth in STEAM areas

PROGRAM 4: Scientific and Technological Cities

A scientific and technological city is one where academic entities and companies located there actively carry out research and development work around strategic sectors of knowledge, and where new technology-based companies are constantly incubated as a result of this research and development.

The conversion of local governments towards scientific and technological cities is implemented in a five-stage program:

  • Design and execution of Digital File of Human Talent,
  • Determine with the business fabric those specific knowledge sectors of attraction,
  • Identify with the companies their training needs and their willingness to carry out research and development work locally,
  • Attract startups, SMEs and generators of new knowledge and technology in defined knowledge sectors that allow chaining and linking through technology and knowledge transfer with the academic and business fabric; and
  • Inspire children and youth to stimulate their interest in basic sciences, technology, engineering, art and design, and mathematics.


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