Commercial arm for knowledge generating centers

Patent and license registrations of knowledge generators

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Venture Builder program to connect the dots

PROGRAM 5: Commercial arm for knowledge generating centers

Our program for the implementation of marketing platforms for academic and research and development entities has the purpose of articulating their relationship with SMEs and local and international science and technology-based startups, as well as with multinational companies, academics, other universities and research centers and development, entrepreneurs and thematic experts, so that they transfer technology and knowledge and this new knowledge resulting from scientific research and technological development is applied in the production of valuable goods and services. 

Among the services provided by academic and research and development entities to the business and academic fabric are the following:

  • Courses and trainings,
  • dissemination of knowledge,
  • Proposal, elaboration and execution of joint projects: U-government-company,
  • Sale of high-level services to the company,
  • Collaborations and academic activities,
  • extension projects,
  • Innovation projects, and
  • Regulations, standardization, accreditation.

Our Venture Builder It aims to connect the dots between the generator of knowledge and the market, human talent and capital necessary to incubate and accelerate said knowledge in sustainable, scalable and technologically differentiated business projects.


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